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IRIS CMS admin panel A scalable content management system (CMS) written in Scala using Java EE 6 technologies (EJB 3.1, JPA 2, JSF 2.1) with URL rewriting, easy administration and advanced extensibility.
I wrote several components for IRIS, for example a blog engine, an event tracker and a search system, which dynamically checks content on every page and categorize the results. The CMS can be customized with even more components and of course you can disable/enable them anytime you want. This page uses the latest version of IRIS with nearly all components disabled.
IRIS is still under heavy development, I plan to add security groups and better localization support.

PsyArt eJournal

PsyArt Journal frontpage A custom e-journal system built exclusively for PsyArt Foundation. It's written using Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET EF), but I plan to rewrite it using Scala or Java some day. It also has an innovative e-mail notification system for administrators.