My name is Csongor Máté Bókay. I don't really use my middle name (Máté), so just call me Csongor IPA: [tʃɒngoʊɹ].
You can email me at csongor@csongorbokay.com.

what I do

Hungary, Pécs - 2011

I'm an independent programmer and a student doing my B.Sc. in computer science at Eötvös Loránd University. My goal is to create scalable, standards based web/desktop applications while using the latest technologies available. I use JVM languages (Scala and Java mainly) for my work, but I also have some C/C++, C#, ASP.NET and PHP experience. I design my applications with cross-platform compatibility in mind, and I'm trying to avoid vendor lock-in as well.
I have strong experience in designing high performance multi-platform network code. I used to develop a server software for an MMORPG using C/C++ and one in C#, but I lost interest. During my secondary school years, I created several small (and few bigger) applications, for instance a gappy HTTP server implementation, HTML parsers, math related things (including a function plotter) and other small tools. 
Recently, I started to familiarize myself with document-oriented (NoSQL) databases.


I've been buzzing around computers since I was 3. As of 2013, I've been programming for 10 years. I'm a huge music fan. I embrace all kinds, but I like listening to electronic stuff (Infected Mushroom is one of my favourite bands) a lot. A little pop or rock doesn't hurt either. I can play the piano, but I have less time to practice than I used to.
A great musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber can always calm my nerves.

random facts

  • I'm from Hungary
  • I'm an early adopter
  • I love several types of cheese
  • I'm a night owl
  • I enjoy wine
  • I'm 21.

That's me, today. I will be different tomorrow, hopefully better.